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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 83, September 6, 2023

Revamp & Rank: Innovative SEO Strategies with Carol Morgan

In this stimulating episode of the Anewgo of New Home Sales Podcast, we’re thrilled to welcome Carol Morgan of Denim Marketing. Tune in as Carol shares ingenious strategies to breathe new life into your existing blog posts without the need to rewrite them from scratch. From enriching your posts with captivating photos and immersive 3D tours, to novel content approaches that engage and entertain, this episode is packed with tips to boost your SEO game to a whole new level.

Ever thought of narrating your community features from a dog’s perspective? Well, Carol did! She underscores the essence of adding a fun element to your marketing strategies, citing delightful examples such as creating blog narratives from a dog’s viewpoint to highlight the pet-friendly features of your new construction community.

Join us, as we venture into the exciting territory of SEO optimization with a touch of creativity and fun, promising not just a boost in your search rankings, but also a fresh and engaging way to connect with your audience. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion that combines marketing savvy with a sprinkle of fun!

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Carol Morgan, founder and president of Denim Marketing, has built a career on listening to clients and personalizing plans to fit each client’s needs. Known for being reliable, creative and authentic, she creates big picture marketing strategy that utilizes public relations, advertising, social media, content, reputation management and creative to send traffic to the client’s website and garner measurable results.  

Denim Marketing is a marketing agency focused on a tried-and-true brand promise of providing clients with a comfortable, practical, dependable, reliable, trusted and personal experience.

Like your favorite pair of jeans, Denim Marketing is a comfortable fit. Stone-washed, faded or dark blue, they tailor marketing strategies to meet your specific needs and niche.

Their approach to marketing focuses on your core assets (website, brand and content) and drives traffic to those assets through content development and syndication, social media, public relations, search engine optimization, reputation management, creative, email marketing and advertising.

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