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MyHome Apps Ecosystem

Converges Digital Marketing and Sales to Enable Shopping and Buying New Homes Online

MyHome Marketing Apps

Cloud-synced to provide seamless personalized shopping across different online marketing channels.

Interactive design for website, email and social marketing.

Onsite presentations and design consultations.

Network of builders around a brokerage, developer and community.

Portal to shop across thousands of builders, communities and plans.

MyHome Sales Apps

Personally track and usher leads down individual online sales funnels.

Apps analytically and visually render popular communities, plans, colors, floorplan options and interior designs.

Lead profiles, analytics, shopping journeys and sales funnels. Displays each lead’s shopping cart of favorites.

AI-guided and launched personalized re-marketing campaigns with custom rendered content.

Online post-purchase, pre-closing management from design studio through construction and closing tasks.

MyHome Ecosystem built upon our Anewgo Platform

Our various MyHome Marketing and Sales Apps reside in our Anewgo cloud database and are maintained via our Apps and Insights Dashboards (Content Management Systems), respectively. Our Anewgo software platform drives multi-channel apps and while also auto-generating unique MyHome web pages for each registered Lead. Then, it tracks and curates personal customer journeys throughout our MyHome Ecosystem.