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Competitor Comparison

Our approach makes all the difference

With today’s ever changing world, we along with other vendors, are always striving for improvement. Here’s a breakdown of our approach vs some of our competitors.

By The Numbers

16 Minute

Online Sessions

7x an average online session


Bounce Rate

3x better than what the industry considers excellent


More Conversions

45% better than the biggest name
in the industry

Software And Content

Scaling with powerful software driven content

Content is a must for marketing teams. By focusing on a software we are able to create a design experience where shoppers can continue much further down the sales funnel.

Content Provider


Software and Content

Accessible Web App

Built for every channel

While websites, webapps, and native apps are not mutually exclusive, many tech solutions are focused offering an excellent experience on one. We’ve chosen to focus on webapps because they are the best mixture of accessible, reactive, and engaging.



Native App

Builder Data

Builder Data goes far beyond what pages a buyer visits and helps to shape future customer journeys

Data helps tell the story, predict the journey, and define the future. We believe that content must be smart in order to understand current and future customer trends. Smarter content leads to better AI. Better AI creates better shopping journeys, smoother sales processes, and more conversions

Builder Data

Website Data

Customer Centric

Focus on Customer Experience

We believe the shopping journey must be buyer-centric, not builder centric. This means putting the customer journey first. Our solutions are designed to scale with builder’s needs and when our entire solution set is implemented, customers can experience the most seamless shopping journey.

It means shifting from focusing on overall traffic (footprints) to looking at individual leads (fingerprints) and doing it at a massive scale.

Customer Centric

Builder Centric


Bringing Homebuilders into the age of ecommerce

To provide the most seamless customer experience we’ve created an ecosystem of solutions that address the entire customer journey.