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Builder + Buyer Collaboration

Personalized Marketing

As buyers shop your communities and plans, guide them in the right direction through suggestions and campaigns that are specific to each individual

Intelligent Sales

Leverage analytics to understand unique insights about each individual lead and convert prospects into sales

Enhanced Customer Journey

With your Marketing and Sales teams using the same platform to guide prospects through the sale funnel, buyers experience a seamless customer journey

Share Recommendations

Anewgo AI looks at plans, communities, and options that a prospect has shown interest in and provides recommended matches that the individual is likely to also be interested in. Marketing and Sales teams can then share these with prospects to keep them engaged.

Design Together

Anewgo interactive content can always be saved, compared, and shared across products and devices. This feature allows for builders to view a buyer’s favorite plans, revise them with suggestions, and share those with the buyer.

Using our apps, buyers can also bring the design process with them into or out of a builder’s sales center

Provide Updates and Notes

Using HomeStretch builders can guide buyers from post-purchase to pre-closing by sharing picture updates and notes. Sales teams can also help buyers schedule necessary meetings, compile documents and more.