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Artificial Intelligence
Learn more about how AI is reshaping the new home industry
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Unrivaled Data

Capture millions of data points as shoppers interact with your content allowing AI to continuously learn and react to shopping patterns and trends.

Elevated Marketing

Use AI and Predictive Marketing to launch highly personalized campaigns for each shopper and create personal sales funnels.

AI Driven Sales

AI functions as both a virtual buyer’s and seller’s agent to match buyers and homes, and then facilitate curated customer journeys.

Match and Notify

As shoppers shift to online shopping, Sophie, our AI engine, becomes the new virtual Buyer’s Agent. Shoppers list their housing criterion of must-haves, desirables and interests, and AI continuously searches, notifies and shows clients matching homes so that they’ll never miss out on their dream home. With each interaction, Sophie gets smarter and provides better matches.

Concierge Shopping

Learning through image recognition, feature tagging, text-to-speech, machine learning and neural networks, Sophie can provide recommendations, custom visualizations, guided virtual tours and personalized filtered searches across thousands of homes, improving customer experience while reducing time, frustration, risks and missed opportunities.

Personalized Experiences

Our apps average of 215 clicks per user. Machine learning analyzes this massive amount of customer and product shopping data across thousands of builders, communities, plans, options and homesites identifying trends to curate highly personalized experiences. This produces highly engaging customer journeys with the most relevant content, generating high leads that convert into sales.

Marketing Automation

By combining our AI and cloud rendering engines, we can launch personalized re-marketing campaigns at a massive scale 24/7 with uniquely generated content. These campaigns can be manually launched by Salespeople or auto-launched based on trigger-events.

Virtual to Real Assistants

Sophie simplifies the overwhelming initial search process for shoppers and moves them quickly down the sales funnel. When a buyer wants assistance from real online sales counselors, agents or salespeople, they simply hit “Contact Us” or schedule onsite Tours. This customer-centric hybrid online/offline sales journey puts the customer in the driver’s seat.

Predictive Optimization

AI optimizes builder’s assets, products and resources by utilizing predictive technologies to identify trends and correlations. This helps the builder automatically match customers with the right products at the right time and at the right price, maximizing sales and profit.